sunset Oct 21 2015

Heart Sutra Science – The Bones

Being: The Ontological Foundation

At the heart of our exploration lies the concept of Being, an ontological stance that encompasses the entirety of existence. Being, in its purest form, transcends the dualistic boundaries of subjective and objective realms. It is the existential ground from which all phenomena emerge and into which they ultimately dissolve. This perspective draws from the essence of the Heart Sutra’s teachings on Śūnyatā (emptiness) — positing that all forms are devoid of inherent existence, manifesting interdependently within the vast expanse of Being.

Consciousness: The Locus of Experience

Consciousness is the subjective lens through which Being is apprehended, a singular point of awareness within the boundless field of existence. It is not merely an emergent property of complex neural processes but a fundamental aspect of the universe. Drawing on phenomenology, particularly Edmund Husserl’s work, consciousness is understood as always being consciousness of something — its intentional structure binds it inseparably to the world it perceives. This interrelation underscores the indivisible nature of the observer and the observed, challenging traditional notions of objectivity in scientific inquiry.

Time and Space: The Fabric of Existence

Time and space are the dimensions within which the drama of existence unfolds. However, contrary to the conventional understanding of time as linear and space as void, Heart Sutra Science posits a more nuanced view. Time is experienced as a continuum of present moments, each pregnant with the totality of Being. Space is not empty but full of potentiality, the matrix within which the interconnected web of existence is woven. These concepts reflect the Heart Sutra’s notion of emptiness — not as nothingness but as the boundless potential for all forms to arise.

Mind: The Nexus of Being and Consciousness

The mind serves as the nexus between Being and Consciousness, the medium through which the objective world is subjectively experienced. It is both the creator and perceiver of reality, shaping and being shaped by the continuous flow of experience. The mind’s propensity to conceptualize and categorize is seen as a double-edged sword — while it allows us to navigate the world, it also confines us within the constructs of our own making. Heart Sutra Science advocates for a deconstruction of these mental constructs, encouraging a direct encounter with reality beyond the confines of conceptual thought.

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